Farmland Investment Fund - The

Benefits Of Investing In Farmland

Many people are looking for an alternative place to put their money, especially with the recent volatility of the stock markets. While some are going for gold and silver, many are also investigating the possibility of farmland investment. Farmland is similar to gold and silver in several ways and there are many important benefits that come with investing in farmland.


#1 - Stability - Farmland is one of the stablest assets you can find. In the past thirty years Canadian farmland has consistently produced about a 9% annual rate of return. Farmland is an excellent source of passive cashflow, and is something you don’t have to worry about. It’s impossible to steal, and it’s always going to be worth something: it will never go to zero.


#2 - Inflation Hedge - It’s no secret that when the market stocks and bonds are failing, it’s commodities and things with intrinsic value that start to gain value. Right now we may be facing a period of hyperinflation, with the stock market fluctuating wildly and the US dollar steadily losing support in the international community. During such a time, having a consistent income-producing asset that also protects you against inflation could be the best thing you can do.


#3 - Demand For Food - Right now the global demand for food has never been higher, and producers are struggling to keep up. Add to this the fact there isn’t any additional farmland forthcoming, and, in fact, a lot of farmland is being bought up to create cities and commercial developments on the outskirts of towns. For almost the whole last decade we have been eating more food than we’ve produced as a species, and this trend is only likely to continue as our population increases.


#4 - Low Risk - Canadian farmland is a low risk investment that puts you in a solid position for any coming change the worldwide economy. Farmland is fundamental to life on this earth, and will never be devalued regardless of what state of affairs the world is in. Canadian farmland has historically been undervalued, and there’s a limited amount of it, so right now is a great time to buy as it is still a relatively under utilized investment strategy.


If you’re looking for a farmland investment fund to help you get invested in farmland, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone looking and found an excellent farmland investment fund and we’re happy to share what we know.

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